Washington D.C. Streetcar Photographs by R. Hill

I have a collection of about 600 prints of Washington D.C. streetcars from the estate of R. Hill, who was very active from about 1955 onward. The photographs are wonderful for the variety of very interesting locations photographed, they aren't the traditional shots at loops and Peace Monument. Many of the lines are covered on a nearly block by block basis. They are also not hackneyed in composition, they are not close 3/4 shots of the cars, they are more distant, taking in the neighborhood.

The pictures are frustrating in that Hill didn't have that good a camera. They are presumably taken on 120 film in a 6x6 format, but the lens just wasn't all that sharp. Reading car numbers and street signs in the pictures is very frustrating.

Part of the collection was numbered into sequences taken along various of the streetcar routes. These are most interesting in that they have a lot of pictures away from the normal places trolley fans took "roster shots." I hope to get quite a few of these "walk the line" series up on this page. At this point, three lines worth of pictures have been scanned.

The first is Route 20, the Cabin John line. I'm seeking continued assistance in refining the locations of these photos.

The second is Route 42, the Mount Pleasant line via F Street NW to 13th & D St. NE, with a separate group of pictures for Route 40 branch to Lincoln Park.

The third is Route 50, the 14th Street line. This is a generous serving of 47 pictures from the north to south end of the line, with many unusual upper 14th St. locations.

The fourth is Route 90, the U Street line from Calvert Bridge to 17th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. SE. This is 55 pictures, with a separate group of 29 pictures for the Route 92 branch. There are many pictures in interesting and uncommonly photographed locations.